7 Things You Should Do in Texas to Winterize Your Home for Fall

Sweater weather is among us!




It would be nice if all you needed for fall prep was Hobby Lobby Fall decor and Bath & Body Works pumpkin spice candles. While yes, those are a crucial part of getting ready for the change of seasons, there are more important (less fun but necessary) preparations that come with being a homeowner. We have put together fall tips for you!  Everything you need to know before your house transitions from hot summer days to cool fall nights…and eventually freezing temperatures. Sometimes in the same week with our crazy Texas weather! 

1. Clean your gutters.

You’re so used to your gutters working properly — and draining thousands of gallons of water from your roof yearly — that you forget they could use a little TLC. If they’re clogged, you can end up with a flooded interior and damaged exterior if left unchecked. So clean them, and if necessary, replace them (Amazon Home Services will do it for $200).

Marple leaves in gutter, fall time


2. Check for drafts.

Heat loss through windows is responsible for 25-30 percent of heating energy use, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. But it doesn’t have to be that way, because weatherstripping is simple and one of the most cost-effective way to keep heating costs down.






3. Drain your outdoor faucets.

Drain and disconnect all garden hoses from outside spigots to prevent any water freezing. Not doing this can result to pipes bursting, eek! Don’t skip this! We love this 5 step tutorial..


4. Bring your outdoor furniture in.

 Especially with this Texas sun, if you want to get another summer season out of your pool floats and lounge cushions you should store it in a garage or shed. If you don’t have anywhere to store the items, try to cover it in a waterproof furniture cover, which you can snag on Amazon for $25-50 bucks. 









5. Fix any cracks in your driveway.

This is a cheap easy fix to seal your entryway/driveway. I know this seems tedious and is one of those things where you’re like, “oh, it’ll be fine!” But, when water gets into cracks it freezes, expands, and can make the crack even bigger… enough small cracks can turn into big cracks, and eventually the concrete can crumble. So, using concrete crack sealer, fill it up quick and easy so you can be done with it.



Cement Crack Filler








6. Change your filters.

This is another thing in your house that might be costing you more money then it should be. If your filters are clogged, it’s harder to keep your home at the temperature you want it too be which will increase your heating bills. Clean these filters monthly.

Fun Fact: Disposable filters can be vacuumed one time before you replace it.





7. Fertilize your lawn.

The best offense is a good defense. If you want to keep your lawn looking great in the spring and summer, you need to prep it for the fall and winter. Roots are still active when the grass isn’t growing, so applying fertilizer will prevent winter damage. Doing this will also help your lawn turn green faster in the spring.



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