School Times — May 22, 2019

Top Ten Students Honor Their Teachers
The top ten ranked students from the Class of 2019 at each RISD high school were honored today at the annual Top Ten Luncheon. The 40 students, representing the highest academic achievers in RISD’s senior class, each invited the teacher who has been most influential in their success.

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Congratulations to RISD’s 2019 Valedictorians and Salutatorians!

By Unanimous Vote, RISD Trustees Adopt Transition Plan for District Election Process
Richardson ISD Trustees have finalized the district’s transition plan to a new 5–2 electoral system by unanimously adopting the phase-in schedule for single-member and at-large positions on the board. The vote is the final step in a process designed to create opportunities for greater diversity on the board.

“I am pleased that the board has approved the transition plan to the new electoral system and did so unanimously,” said Board President Justin Bono. “This was the last official step Trustees needed to take in this process, and I am thankful we were able to do so well ahead of the first election under this new system in November 2019.”

Under the new 5–2 single-member district system — that the board approved in February 2019, along with a new single-member district boundary map — five of the seven RISD Trustees will be elected from single-member geographic districts by registered voters residing within those outlined boundaries. The remaining two board members will be elected at large by registered voters throughout RISD.

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AVID Seniors Celebrated

RISD celebrated its 227 AVID graduating seniors at the annual AVID Senior Luncheon. 100% of AVID seniors have been accepted into college, earning more than $12.9 million in scholarship offers.

Trustees Continue 2019–20 Budget Planning
RISD Trustees discussed potential elements of the 2019–20 operating budget at the May 20 Work Session, continuing the budget planning discussions that began in January.

Per a new state requirement, trustees held a discussion about the concept known as the “lag” within the school funding formula. The lag is the process whereby the state’s portion of a school district’s revenue is based on the previous year’s property tax values. Under current law, any difference in revenue collected by a district using current year property tax values compared to the previous year property values considered by the state represents a one-time increase or decrease in funding for a school district. After the one year, the state then adjusts (reduces in an environment of rising property values) its portion of revenue to school districts to the previous year’s level. For more information about the lag, and the substantial impact it has on school funding, please visit the RISD TRE website.

Trustees and staff discussed the uncertainty of how much revenue will be available to RISD for 2019–20, given the ongoing legislative session and the different pieces of legislation that would impact school funding, teacher salaries, and property taxes.

Board members indicated strong support for a compensation increase for RISD teachers and staff, with the specific level and type of increases generating discussion. Dr. Stone stated that she would like teachers to receive a minimum of a 3% raise in any scenario, with a stratified raise based on experience levels potentially increasing the compensation level based on experience. RISD’s recent salary study indicated that stratified raises for experienced teachers could address the compression that currently exists in salaries of experienced teachers compared to educators with fewer years of experience.

The Board is expected to adopt the 2019–20 operating budget in June, prior to the 2019–20 fiscal year that begins July 1.

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Feedback Requested — RISD Stadium Bag Policy
RISD Safety & Security staff, working with parents and stakeholders, are reviewing several district safety & security practices. One topic under consideration for 2019–20 is implementation of a bag policy for spectators attending events at RISD’s two stadiums.

Stakeholders are encouraged to complete a short survey regarding a potential stadium bag policy.

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Wallace Elementary STEM Club Wins National Engineering Challenge
The STEM Club at Wallace Elementary won a national award by creating a Rube Goldberg machine, which uses a chain reaction to complete a basic function.

The Garver Chain Reaction Challenge tasked students with creating a series of mechanisms that accomplish a menial task in a complicated way. The Wallace students designed and built an elaborate succession of events all to spin the spinner in a game of Twister.

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Visit RISD’s GoVote website for updated information about the local runoff elections on June 8. Be informed and make your voice heard!

2018–19 Individual Student STAAR Results
Individual student results are now available for the first administration of the 5th & 8th grade Texas Math & Reading STAAR assessments. Parents may access individual student STAAR results through the Focus student information system. Individual student results of STAAR tests in other grades and subjects are expected between May 30 and June 12.

STAAR exams for grades 3–8 are being administered this week.

Parents without access to the Internet may contact their child’s school for a paper copy of individual student STAAR results.

Learn more about accessing individual student STAAR results

Learn more about creating a Focus account to view student STAAR, grade, and attendance information

Enroll Your Child Online for the 2019–20 School Year
All students who will be new or returning to RISD for the 2019–20 school year may now enroll online. Paper enrollment is no longer available. Parents whose children will be attending school in RISD in 2019–20 should enroll online without delay.

Like last year, returning students will need a unique “snapcode” to enroll. Snapcodes were sent to parents by their child’s current school — contact your school if you need a snapcode or would like to use a school device to enroll your child online.

Please visit the online enrollment page to learn more* including the information parents will need in order to enroll online.

*Updated web browser may be required.

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