What does it mean to be a great school? What constitutes a high-quality campus?

RISD is attempting to answer these questions and establish a new School Performance Framework, as part of the district’s participation in the System of Great Schools through the Texas Education Agency. Earlier this week, the SPF design team met for the second time as these answers begin to take shape.

The design team includes parents, principals, administrators and RISD Trustee Jean Bono. The sessions are led by SGS Executive Advisor Margo Roen.

“We’re developing objective measures to communicate RISD’s values and vision and measure our success,” says Nate Graybill, a father of four children in the Pearce learning community, President of the JJ Pearce Dad’s Club and a member of the SPF design team.

Earlier this year, RISD applied to become part of the state’s SGS network. The TEA selected RISD to join the second cohort of districts implementing this “theory of action towards being more responsive to the individual needs of schools and families within the community.”

One of the things RISD hopes to accomplish through the design team is the establishment of metrics to differentiate school progress to better gauge performance of students and staff alike.

RISD also anticipates utilizing the TEA’s free support and guidance to better position the district for grant opportunities, especially for schools serving families with higher needs and at-risk students.

In addition, RISD wants to increase access to high quality pre-K education to better prepare students for kindergarten and beyond. The district also wants to prepare and equip all students for success after graduation, whatever path they choose.

The state mandates that stakeholders are able to stay well informed of the working direction of their respective school district. Clear performance goals and regular progress reports are shared with parents, staff and community members.

RISD accomplishes this through implementation of the strategic plan adopted earlier this year and reporting progress through various channels of communications, including the recently launched Connect magazine.

RISD wants to give principals more autonomy in their decision-making and then support those campus-specific decisions with appropriate resources. Inclusion in the SGS network provides access to best practices being implemented across the state.

The SPF design team will meet several more times before presenting the new school performance framework to the administration, board and community in the spring.

“I am very grateful to our community members who are working with us on our School Performance Framework,” RISD Superintendent Dr. Jeannie Stone said. “Our work is better any time we work collaboratively with our parents and community.”

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