Thu, September 24

|10:00am - 11:00am



Don't call it Brexit--An update on the new UK trade agreement
What does trade with the UK look like after Brexit? We'll get answers from British Consulate representatives who will explain the UK's current trade agreement and what the future holds for trade post-Brexit.
Jon Marrs, consul and regional director, British Consulate, Houston office
Christina Luhn, senior trade policy advisor, British Consulate, Houston office
Jon Marrs has been working for the past year as the current consul and regional director in south central USA for the Houston Department of International Trade. He leads a team of trade and investment professionals and is responsible for promoting UK exports and increasing inward investment to the UK across Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and New Mexico.
Christina Luhn is a consultant with expertise in helping companies that want to do business in Mexico; global political risk analysis with special emphasis on Latin America and the Caribbean; and U.S. trade and foreign policy education. Brings a long professional and academic career in foreign policy, international relations and national security to her analysis of trade policy and legislative updates for MODEC. As the 2017 Fellow at the Dole Institute of Politics at the University of Kansas - focused on US - Mexico border policies including trade. Her knowledge and interest in NAFTA and USMCA is driven in large part because of the seven years she worked on the US-Mexico border helping build and launch an innovative economic development initiative to market the binational region as a "mega-region." Additional experience includes her work on emerging markets at the International Energy Agency in Paris, France; and as a staff assistant at the National Security Council at the White House.