Eight teams of three RISD administrators surprised eight first-year teachers this week with the district’s own version of “Extreme Makeover: Classroom Edition.”

Deputy Superintendent Tabitha Branum said the leadership teams simply did whatever the brand new teachers needed, including decorating, laminating, making copies and cleaning.

“Anything to help our new teachers know they are not in this alone.”

Most of the RISD administrators were all once first-year teachers themselves. They understand what it takes to create a nurturing environment where all students can connect, learn, grow and succeed.

“Dr. Stone and I got the idea while connecting with some of our new teachers on Twitter and listening to them share how overwhelming it was to decorate an entire classroom and the expenses associated with that knowing they don’t get their first paycheck until September,” Branum said.

“At that time, we were not certain if our Board was going to provide the supply stipend, and I thought then that we could at least raffle off some makeovers. The Superintendent’s Advisory Council rallied around the idea, and we were able to provide eight classroom makeovers and hand each teacher a $100 WalMart gift card, thanks to our Excellence in Education Partners Fund.”

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