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One of the leading wine cellar companies in the Dallas and Fort Worth area is Wine Cellar Specialists. We specialize in providing unique custom wine cellar designs, wine cellar installations, wine cellar cooling, and more. We transform ordinary spaces into stunning wine cellars where your wines can be properly cooled, preserved, and protected for many years. These wine cellars have high-quality refrigeration systems made by reliable manufacturers like Wine Guardian, WhisperKool, US Cellar Systems, CellarPro, and much more. Prior to its installation, our specialists perform a heat load calculation that helps us choose the right type, size, and capacity of the refrigeration system for your wine cellar.

Our business started in 2010, giving quality service to all our clients in both residential and commercial settings. We partner with other wine cellar builders and contractors to meet our client's specific needs and exceed their expectations. Call us for custom wine racking, pre-manufactured wine cabinets, commercial wine displays, wine cellar ladders, wine cellar doors, wine cellar table tops, wine dispensing systems, wine inventory systems, wine cellar flooring, and much more. Trust Wine Cellar Specialists to build your custom wine cellar! Visit and learn more about our services. View our Gallery of Completed Wine Cellars to see samples of our work. Speak to one of our designers at (972) 454-0480 today for a free consultation!


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Monday to Thursday, 8:00 am - 3:30 pm
Friday, 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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