City repair crews are working a high volume of main breaks across the city and many worked overnight initiating emergency cut offs. Many of the lines that are broken have redundant routes that allow water to continue to flow through other lines, but there are approximately 60 homes currently without water service. Repair crews are working right now to make repairs to get water flowing again as soon as possible.

More water main breaks are expected through the next few days as temperatures begin to rise. Water mains are located underground but long bouts of severe winter weather cause shifting of ground soil and other anomalies that stress the underground infrastructure.

If you experience an outage, please know that crews are working as quickly as possible to restore service. Repairs are also taking longer to complete because of the extreme cold temperatures that make it harder to dig and require more time for workers who are dealing with severe environmental conditions.

Anyone observing water main breaks or water running on streets or sidewalks is encouraged to report the leak to the City’s 24-hour Response Center hotline at 972-744-4111.