Unofficial results from the Bond Election held Nov. 2, are in and show Richardson voters approved all five measures of the proposed $190 million 2021 Bond Election. The current tally of ballots shows the following:

  • Proposition A (Street Improvements) 78% Support
  • Proposition B (Public Buildings) 69% Support
  • Proposition C (Sidewalks) 76% Support
  • Proposition D (Flood Control) 80% Support
  • Proposition E (Parks) 75% Support

2021 Bond ResultsMore than 7,500 registered voters (10.6 percent) turned out at the polls to take part in the election. The results are unofficial until they are canvassed by the City Council on Nov. 8.

No tax rate increase will occur with the implantation of the bond program. The sale of any approved bonds is planned to be staggered over five years, with bonds being sold based on current property valuations and retirement of existing debt.

Proposition A—Streets ($102M)
Proposition A will fund repairs and replacements for high-need arterial streets, collector streets, neighborhood collector streets, commercial streets, residential streets and alleys. Both concrete and asphalt-covered concrete would be addressed. In total, the bond package will address more than 12 miles of streets and more than six miles of alleys, while also funding repair and replacement of traffic signals and signage.

Proposition B—Public Buildings ($64M)
Proposition B includes funding for public buildings, including a full renovation of the Richardson Public Library featuring increased program space, upgraded heating and air conditioning and plumbing systems, new stairways and new centralized bathrooms. The Library security and technology systems will also be upgraded. Also included are renovations to City Hall, the Animal Shelter and Fire Station 5.

Proposition C—Sidewalks ($8.5M)
Proposition C includes funding to repair sidewalks in two residential zones and three commercial zones. Residential sidewalks were included in the last three bond programs, but this is the first time commercial sidewalks have been included. The funding will focus on ensuring residential and commercial sidewalks are ADA accessible and have barrier-free ramps at intersections.

Proposition D—Drainage ($8M)
Proposition D includes funding for a storm water detention facility off the West Fork of Cottonwood Creek that will reduce flood risk downstream. Other slated creek projects are gabion walls at Prairie Creek; a culvert outfall and sanitary sewer manhole, along with concrete protection, embankment stabilization and alley subgrade stabilization at Huffhines Creek; and gabion walls, along with sanitary sewer and alley pavement protection at Chestnut Creek.

Proposition E—Parks ($7.5M)
Proposition E will fund playground equipment updates at nine parks Point North, Woodhaven Grove, Mark Twain, Woodland, Foxboro, Berkner, Terrace, Woods Park and Breckinridge. Also included would be funds to provide the initial infrastructure work at City-owned properties on Glenville Drive and Apollo Road that will enable the green spaces to be publicly accessible and house a variety of future park uses.

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