Earlier this week City staff briefed the City Council Monday on Richardson’s extensive disaster response efforts associated with the EF-3 tornado that hit the city Oct. 20. 

Damage Assessment Figures:

Total Properties in impact zone: 3,117 
Structures Destroyed: 12 
Major Structural Damage: 60
Minor Structural Damage: 206
Other Impacts: 671 
Rendered Uninhabitable: 54 single-family homes; 196 multi-family units
Not Impacted: 2,168

Tornado path focus damage area FB post w numbers 

A disaster declaration was made by Mayor Paul Voelker earlier Monday, which the City Council ratified Monday night. The local disaster declaration enables the City to seek federal financial assistance if it becomes available. 

The amount of debris caused by severe weather on Oct. 20, is unprecedented in the city’s history. However, preparations for such an event were part of the City’s emergency response plan that includes prior contracts to bring in outside debris haulers to assist with cleanup in the event of a tornado.

The City has activated that portion of the plan and has brought in external resources to help with debris collection in the heaviest hit areas while City crews are focusing on the nearby areas and trying to keep up with the rest of the city’s normal BABIC, trash and recycling service demands. 

Please know that City workers are moving as fast as possible to visit every neighborhood in the quickest, safest and most efficient manner possible.

You can view the tornado briefing to the Council at http://richardsontx.swagit.com/play/10282019-1252.

Please visit cor.net/severeweather or call 972-744-4111 with questions related to debris removal.