The Richardson Public Library will reopen at its regular 10 a.m. opening time on Wednesday, Aug. 11 after being closed Monday and Tuesday due to a malfunction with the facility’s air conditioner.

Parts for repairs arrived this morning and City facility crews were able to reactivate one of the two chillers used to provide air conditioning for the facility. Parts for the second chiller are expected to arrive later this week, with repairs scheduled for its completion sometime next week. However, the Library can be adequately cooled with one working unit to allow for tomorrow’s reopening with regular service.

The Library was unexpectedly closed Monday and Tuesday this week after staff began reporting to work Monday morning and found the A/C unit had failed. The cause of the failure was tracked down to failed bearings in the system’s cooling towers.

All regular services, including curbside service, will be available as scheduled beginning tomorrow. Due dates and hold expiration dates were also extended for all materials.

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