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RICHARDSON - Richardson’s downtown area is the city’s newest destination. It’s a place for people to live, work and gather.

Business owners recently joined city, county, state, and federal leaders to officially welcome visitors to downtown. The area along with four other parts of town including Chinatown, Interurban, Lockwood and

Heights make up Richardson’s Core District.

“Each of these places are unique, each of these places have their own character but they’re built around transit orient development, understanding that a more walkable, bikeable, livable environment is critical to the success of any city,” said Richardson Mayor Paul Voelker.

Redevelopment of Richardson’s downtown began in 2019 a few years after rezoning was adopted by city council. Infrastructure and beautification projects are currently underway to create more walkable and pedestrian-oriented environment.

In addition to the downtown project, a new 14.5 acre development is planned for the northeast corner of Main and U.S. 75, bringing four and five-story mixed-use buildings to the Core.

Visit www.richardsoncoredistrict.com/msc for more information.