The City’s debris hauling contractor continues to work in heavily impacted neighborhoods to collect material left behind by the Oct. 20 tornado (see map below).

If you live in one of the impacted neighborhoods on the map, the best way to help ensure fast removal of debris is by removing vehicles and other obstructions from your neighborhood street and placing your debris material between the sidewalk and curb.

Debris Collection Map Oct 31 2019 

It is also EXTREMELY helpful if you separate your piles of debris into vegetative (trees, shrubs, etc.), white goods (appliances), and demolition debris (bricks, siding, other structural material).

City Brush and Bulky Item (BABIC) collection crews are also working on the outer edges of the tornado’s path where there was still damage but less debris left behind. This is expected to cause some delays citywide in BABIC service, especially on the Monday and Thursday collection routes.

Please know that City workers are moving as fast as possible. Your cooperation and support helps to complete the entire process in the quickest, safest and most efficient manner possible.

For questions related to debris removal visit or call 972-744-4111.