It’s the one day of the year loveable cats and dogs from the Richardson Animal Shelter get a second chance at finding a forever home.  “Clear the Shelters,” is a nationwide campaign that helps connect pets with families by offering waived or reduced adoption fees.

The Richardson Animal Shelter along with 69 other animal shelters and rescues in North Texas are participating in the campaign.  All day Saturday, residents have been visiting the Shelter and adopting.

Pet owners said there are a lot of benefits to having a dog or cat at home, from an increase in opportunities to exercise and exploring the community to socializing.

“Our son loves to play with the dog and try to play with the cat, thinks the cat is a little bit more funny then, loveable, but anytime we can get these dogs in homes is a good thing,” said Cory English who stopped by the Shelter Saturday to adopt.

“Clear the Shelters” helps get the animals out of the shelters and into homes, while making room at shelters so it can help other animals.

To find your family a pet, the Richardson Animal Shelter provides adoption year-round. Visit for more information.