City staff said they need over half a million dollars to carry out park maintenance in the upcoming fiscal year.

Superintendent of Parks Maintenance Shohn Rodgers appeared before council July 8 to recommend a maintenance budget allocation of $620,730. Council is in the midst of sorting through departmental proposals in anticipation of September, when it is scheduled to approve a finalized budget.

To determine how much funding the city needs, Rodgers said staff does an analysis of park assets valued at $10,000 or more. Then, each of the city’s 38 parks is scored based on the safety, age, structural soundness, utility and appearance of its assets.

One of the biggest projects included in the proposed budget is a $90,000 renovation of Memorial Park, which includes a monument to honor veterans. This park is located at Centennial Boulevard and Grove Road.

Mayor Paul Voelker agreed Richardson should follow the lead of other cities that have updated their veteran memorial parks.


“Freshening this one up is a good idea,” he said.

Here are some of the other projects the department hopes to tackle in the upcoming fiscal year:

  • renovation of the bathrooms at Mimosa, Heights and Point North parks to cost $135,000;
  • renovation of Breckinridge Park trail segments recommended by the department to cost $15,000;
  • replacement of wood paneling on three bridges in the Spring Creek Nature Area to cost $65,000;
  • replacement of tennis court fences at Terrace and Woodland parks with $20,000 of recommended funding;
  • replacement of the backstops at Richland, Yale, Glenville and Point North parks sports fields to cost $90,000;
  • renovation of the irrigation system at Cottonwood Park recommended by the department at $110,000;
  • renovation of field surfaces at Yale, Creek Hollow, Woodland and Huffhines parks to cost $50,000; and
  • renovation of Memorial Park.

Rodgers reminded council there is some flexibility within these costs and there may be alternative funding available through grants and donations. Projects can also be phased, he said.