President’s Circle profile: Stephens & Associates, Inc.
A warm welcome to Stephens & Associates, Inc., our newest member of the President’s Club.

Stephens is a high-quality, full-service contract research firm in Richardson and Phoenix.

Stephens & Associates, Inc. is highly regarded by recurrent clients for quality, commitment to the ethical conduct of clinical studies and the continued compliance with good clinical practice guidelines. Founded in 1989, Stephens has helped clients bring more than 5,000 products to market including cosmetic, prescription, and personal care products, nutritional supplements and medical devices. With deep expertise in study design, clinical grading and leading-edge bioinstrumentation, as well as the population diversity provided by research centers in the United States, Asia and India, Stephens has the skills, infrastructure, ethics and commitment to deliver top-quality clinical research.

Stephens has both industry standard and specialized equipment to assess skin for photoaging parameters, skin barrier function, blood flow, skin temperature, firmness, red and brown skin tones, and moisture/hydration.