Freshmen Congressmen Collin Allred (D-TX 32nd District) and Van Taylor (R-TX 3rd District) met with Richardson business people and Chamber members last month to discuss their introduction to Washington and federal policies that directly impact the North Texas region.

Both congressmen agreed that major priorities include passing additional infrastructure funding for the North Texas region. Texas is projected to double in population by 2050. New highways, bridges and investments in infrastructure will be critical to support Texas’ prosperous economic growth.

At the town hall-style luncheon, business leaders wanted to focus on trade policy. The roundtable came shortly after China announced $75 million in new tariffs on U.S. products. Several Richardson business owners expressed their frustration with how escalating tariffs are increasing costs of manufactured good. They agreed that the current statements from the White House about the minimal impact of tariffs did not reflect their experience and that their businesses’ profits would be significantly impacted by the trade war this year.

The freshman legislators said they were most surprised by how inefficient the federal law-making process is. Rep. Van Taylor lauded the Texas delegation for their commitment to work together to develop and pass important bipartisan legislation. He remarked that as a state senator, passing legislation was often more collaborative and productive than pushing priorities through D.C. leadership.

Both Van Taylor and Collin Allred expressed hope that feedback from their district and bipartisan collaboration would facilitate policies that benefit North Texas. As session wraps up, they will continue to focus on infrastructure funding, healthcare costs and transparency and opportunities for non-degreed positions and skill trades.
(Cong. Allred was featured in a Wall Street Journal article, and thus, the meeting made their publication, and photo left)

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